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Assalamualaikum and hello!!!!!!!

Finally, the edu-technovocation day had coming!!!!!huhuhuuuuu

All of us need to present the videos. But, for this time, we have to present it in front of the other audiences, which is our seniors and also some of the lecturers.

Fuhhhh…….it is so nervous. However, all of us had practise the presentation and we surely will

do our best.

However…………………our group video did not won the prizes.. *sigh* 😥

The first winner goes to GG Creation. Their video is just awesome and really creative…


The second prize goes to Ladies Production that produce a video on the importance to preserve the tulisan jawi..


While the third place goes to Triple N and Single I, which emphasize on the importance to save the nature.


And this is for the other groups………..


* Minion Production : Love and respect your mother *


* Chaous Production : Couple in Islamic view vs Couple in Society view *


* our group, which is 4 Divas Production : do’s and dont’s in interview *

( although we didnt win, but we ae still looking gorgeous ) hahahaha


* Bananana Production : Obesity vs Anorexia *

And the last one…..with solo appearance……..


* Nur Ain : The Diversity in Malaysia *

And that is the last day of our lecture………. 😥

Lets pictures tell you the story…Enjoysssssssssss and hope we meet again…thank you 🙂






Bye bye 🙂



hello 14

Hello readers

There are so many things to story in this week.

First of all, we were adviced by the instructors and also from Dr Rosseni to change a bit our

video. YES…we have to edit it again and again….*sigh*

We met Kak Ana on Thursday, at 2pm…we showed her our group poster, n our own video production.

After Kak Ana watched the video again and again, she felt that the video is still lacking on something.

At that moment, I just taught to myself, oh no, dont tell me that we have to shoot it again…

Unfortunately, yeahh,, we have to remake the video..The most sad thing is we have to cut

the part which we recorded at Putrajaya…

Huaaaaaa…tears falling down slightly 😥

Next, we showed the poster that we have printed to Kak Ana…However, the poster is also not

really suitable for our video production. The tagline is not catchy, and the message is hardly delivered to the audiences.

Thus, we have to edit the poster and printed it back….

At this moment, the tears are falling down heavily………


Apart of that, we also need to remake our story board as we need to change the scene..

In conclusion, we have 3 works to do within 24 hours!!! Could you imagine???

At 4pm sharp, we brainstorming ideas on how we should change the scene to make sure that the messsage is conveyed to

the audiences. After all the hardness, we decided to cut off the last scene where “Fatin” is being successful

after one year and met with her old friend.

The new scene will be Fatin going to the second job interview. She dressed nicely and walked confidently towards

the interview’s room. Later, she walked out from the door with such a happy face to emphasize that

she is succeeed to get the job.

Other than that, we also added one more scene which is, there is one girl that explained

briefly on how woman should dress and how man should dress when they were going

to the job interview.

Done finished our shooting, we head back to the residential college and divided works to each of the

group members. Me and Faiezah were in charge to make a new story board, while

Aqilah and Ilya will do the video editting.

We finished our works precisely on 4am at the morning. Done with the works, we prepared for

the presentation..

And at last……the presentation day has come……….


We were being so nervous as we afraid that our video will be rejected. We got turn no 6 out of 7 groups.

When the turn of our group to start present, all of us really give full commitment and give out the best.

I am so happy and relieved when we done the presentation.

download (1)

Good introduction of the video.

Good presentation.

Good messages delivered.

Good audio used.

Good content.

Yeapp!!! This is the comments that we get from Dr Rosseni….Yahooooooooooooo!!!!!!

I’m feeling so happyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!


Despite the sadness we faced a day before the presentation, all the hardship and the obstacles came,

we managed to undergo it and all the good comments come from the

commitments and hardworks on each of the group members..

Thank you guys…….really a big thank you……

Love you all, xoxo 🙂


hello 13


I am really sad and feel really guilty.. 😥

As I started to walk in the class, I can feel that the environment of the class is quite different..

I can feel the gloomy and I guess that there must be something wrong somewhere…

And yeahh..its true…

Dr Rosseni had a talk to all of my classmates today.  She is so frustrated with our personal blog.

Our blog is not updated according to the week..

Kak Ana ( one of the instructor ) look up our blog last night. Surprisingly, there is no one

who managed to update their blog every week.

I know Dr Rosseni, and the other instructors such as Mr Helmi, Kak Ana, Brother Fuad for quite  some times ( 3 months ).

But, this is my very first time ever to experience the sad look by Kak Ana and Dr Rosseni..

Dr Rosseni said that she is very angry towards everyone. However, she used a very

motherly approach as she is not scold us or used high tone..

She talked to us very nicely..

She reminded to all of us that we should update our personal blog and do the reflections as the blog carried

a lot of marks!! At some point, I feel really frustrated with myself as I take it for granted.. sobs sobs sobs 😥

She also explained to us about the Technovocation Day..The EduTech day will be held in next week..

Thus, we have to prepare the poster, slides and the most importantly is………….

we need to present our full video to everyone NEXT WEEK…

Warghhhhhhh….am so scared….Hopefully everything will going fine next week…


I learned a very important thing today…which is….never ever  do procrastination….

YES…never ever did that again…

Take note Fatin Athirah…

bye 12


hello 12

Assalamualaikum and hello my dear 🙂

This week, we have to do a poster for our video production project..

Yeappp…A POSTER…

omaaaiiigoddd….how am I supposed to do?? * sigh n slap my face for 3 times*

Luckily, Mr Helmi had taught us on how to use and edit pictures using Photoshope. Err so I think I can do it…errr might be can do


With the help from Mr Helmi, Alhamdulillah……at last, my group managed to finish our

first time ever poster….yeyeyehhhhh..

So, this is it….jeng jeng jeng…………..


*kekekekeke….this is my feet yoooo*

Alright, back to the main point, my friends and I are not really sure whether this POSTER can be accepted

or be rejected by the instructors or maybe from DR herself…

If this poster can be accepted,,, yehaaaaa…. 🙂

but, if its not,,, sadly to say that,,huarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….sobs sobs sobs 😥

Till meet again dear…bye2

bye 11




This entry is about sharing the pictures that we snapped when we off to Putrajaya..


Yesssss PUTRAJAYA… 🙂

So, lets the pictures tell everything….enjoy 🙂

putrajaya 1

* the beautiful scenery*

putrajaya 2

* setting the place*

putrajaya 3

* shooting time *

The above pictures is for SCENE 2 – the frustrated “Fatin” went to see her friends during a picnic.

Because there’s a limited time for us to prepare everything so perfectly,

we just went on with what we already have at the dorms like the food, the mat etc.

Moving on to SCENE 5 – the SUCCESSFUL Fatin met her friend after a long time.

putrajaya 4

* The choosen place *
putrajaya 5

 * Two friends reunite *

putrajaya 6

* The Camera Girl & The Actress * ( hikhikhik, its me )

putrajaya 7

* the actresses * ( wewiitttttt )

putrajaya 8

* Byqie = the talented camera girl *

Thats all for now….

p/s : listen to Beautiful by Beast…enjoy 🙂



We got a message from one of our instructor, Kak Ana

” Dear students,

There will be a midterm assessment on Friday (22 November 2013) from 10 am to 12 pm at Computer Lab 1, Faculty of Education, UKM. Each group need to present your video production progress. Marks will be given based on your video presentation and individual participation during the presentation. 

Thank you. “

So,  Therefore, our group has especially prepared a powerpoint presentation to

present to the class regarding our progress in the video-making.

However,,,the sad thing is, our video is not working during the presentation.. * raining tears already*

I am really disappointed because we could not show our work on the videos to the lecturers.

I don’t know if it’s because of the file is too heavy or else.

scene 7.1

However, our instructors, Mr Helmi and brother Fuad are so understanding. They understood us & told us

not to worry because they know that we DO have progress in the video making process.

So, smile again 🙂

scene 7.3

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